FutureAdPro is the other arn in Futurenet that help individual to make money online. It is an advertising and revenue sharing platform. People who have their own business can promote here and earn revenue sharing at the same time. 

Referring is optional and not compulsory or required but it would be good to refer so as to expedite the earning process since you also can earn commissions. 

I know whenever the word "Revshare" is mentioned, people will start turning their back and skeptical about it because most programs can hardly sustain more than two years and collapse eventually. 

However, FutureAdPro is different. Most revshare programs collapse is due to single source of income. When the daily withdrawal more than the earning, the money pool become "dried up" and collapse in no time.

Why FutureAdPro revshare is different? Here are the reasons:

a) FutureAdPro has multiple source of incomes, namely, online social media, mutimedia, online games, merchandise/shopping portal, car leasing, casinos, Futurenet crypto coin (launching soon). Look from a nature scenario, Futurnet is like a big lake at the the centre with many stream of rivers constantly flow into it.

b) The maximum number of adpack for each member can have is 1,000 of $50 adpack. This help to curb withdrawal limit.

c) FutureAdPro is stable and maintained by a group of experienced and professional staff in this area.

      How FutureAdPro works?

      ok, FutureAdPro has two types of advertising packages (adpacks), $10 and $50. Each adpack earns till 120% and expire. The daily earning rate is around 1%. 

All you need to do is just to buy adpacks and click 10 ads daily in order to be eligible and qualify for the revenue sharing pool. It's good for people who wants an additional passive income that works behind their back while they can still focus on what they are doing. E.g. people with day job, etc.

As a free member, one can have ten $10 adpack and fifty $50 adpack. If you want to have more in order to make more earning, then you have to pay for membership fee. Below diagram is the plan.

      There are 5 plans:

1) Plan 1 : 10 $10 adacks & 50 $50 adpacks : FREE
2) Plan 2 : 25 $10 adpacks & 100 $50 adpacks : $30 yearly
3) Plan 3 : 50 $10 adpacks & 300 $50 adpacks : $80 yearly
4) Plan 4 : 75 $10 adpacks & 500 $50 adpacks : $130 yearly
5) Plan 5 : 100 $10 adpacks & 1,000 $50 adpacks : $180 yearly

For example, if you want to have 1,000 $50 adpack and 100 $10 adpack, then you need to pay $16 monthly or $95 for six months or $180 yearly.

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